By | July 19, 2017
Hotel Slippers

Hotels are home to various varieties of comfy slippers. In order to provide comfort to guests, hotels buy hotel-specific slippers.  Due to the fact that each acquires its own style or variety of slippers, therefore, it is possible to find different types of hotel slippers. Are you looking for hotel slippers? If you are looking to bring comfort to your hotel guests, it’s advisable to be aware of the various types of slippers available. This will help you in choosing the type or a combination of types of slippers that will fit your hotel style.  You will be able to find all types of cool slippers on the market. But a great slipper fit to your hotel relies on the tastes and style of the hotel. You would not want slippers that can turn off your regular guests or that do not match with your hotel’s styling. The following are the most common hotel slippers on the here for more details.


Flip-flops are the most common type of slippers on the market. In fact, if you send someone to buy you a pair of slippers, they are the ones they will probably bring you.  In most cases, flip-flops are made of rubber but at the same time there are ones that are made of leather and other variety of materials. This type of footwear comes in a range of sizes and designs and even it is possible to get cool and heated slippers of this type of footwear… how cool (or hot) is that? The only thing you need to do is to identify the sizes or designs that fit your hotel.  But it is advisable that you purchase rubber slippers as they are comfortable and convenient as guests can be able to wear them when they are relaxing or when they are take a shower. The slippers can protect guests from dirty floors and slipping after showering. Flip-flops are top of the list of awesome hotel footwear. for more info, visit :

Hotel Slippers

Novelty Slippers

Novelty slippers can be described as funny and cute slippers that are to resemble animals and other products. This style of slipper can bring a sense of familiarity and fun in the hotel rooms. There are some novelty slippers that resemble keyboards, emojis, elephants, frogs, and other animals. So, do not be surprised to get cat slippers on the market. Other novelty slippers have a more prestigious look that carries the hotel’s logo and colors. The most ideal hotel slippers are ones that are customized to incorporate the hotel’s logo and livery. And sometimes when you have conferences or events in town you can use event-customized slippers to make guests comfortable and entertained.

Slip-on and Step-in Slippers

Slip-on slippers are, in most cases, referred to loafers. These are traditional men’s slippers and you only need to simply slip them on. They are usually heated slippers and can be worn in an area of the hotel.  Step-in slippers, on the other hand, are some kind of footwear that covers most parts of your foot, except the heel. Some of the slippers can extend to the ankle thus look like a short boot. They come in different designs where they are made of different fabrics and materials.